• About Products

      FocalPoint Server can be bought in either the Workgroup Version, or the Enterprise Version. Your workflow may require Video Portal or QLS Archive



      Workgroup Version (limited to a maximum of 15 users and 5 workspaces/applications)


      WGS5    FocalPoint Server Software, 5 workspaces and 5 users.


      Additional User Packs:

      WGC5    Add another 5 users

      WGC10  Add another 10 users


      Enterprise Version (no user limit, maximum of 15 workspaces/applications)

      ES5        Focal Point Server Software, 5 workspaces and 5 users


      Additional User Packs

      EC5        5 user pack

      EC10      10 user pack

      EC25      25 user pack

      EC50      50 user pack

      EC100    100 user pack

      Above 100 available upon request


      Management Tool for Enterprise Version – ONLY SOLD WITH ENTERPRISE

      PMT        Production Management Tool including Syncthing

      PMTCF   One Days Configuration


      Additional Workspaces/Applications for Enterprise – ONLY SOLD WITH ENTERPRISE

      WS5        Add 5 workspaces

      WS10      Add another 5  workspace


      High Availability Configuration for Enterprise – ONLY SOLD WITH ENTERPRISE

      HA           Add additional servers


      Video Portal


      MMWG    Work Group Version includes 5 users

      MMEV     Enterprise Version includes 5 users


      VP5         5 User Pack

      VP10       10 User Pack

      VP25        25 User Pack

      VP50        50 User Pack

      Discovery, Implementation & Training

      PS            Professional Services we advise a minimum of 3 days depending on size of install


      UPGRADES, SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE  (Mandatory for the first year)  Applicable to both Workgroup and Enterprise versions:

      25% of the RRP includes ALL upgrades, Support and Maintenance (email, telephone and remote support) for one year

      Customers without the Support and Maintenance will have to pay the full RRP of any major upgrades.

      E.G.  SuperComputers Ltd buy FocalPoint Server software for 1 server, 5 applications and 5 users and would like to add a second server in a High Availability configuration. The same 5 applications are usable by connecting to either server. However the total number of users who can connect to either server at any given time remains 5. For example, if there are 3 users connected to one server, only 2 users can connect to the other server.

      Please note that the licensing charges apply only to the servers running FocalPoint Server software. The FocalPoint Server database can be kept in separate servers for best performance and scalability, but licensing charges do not apply to such servers.