• About Video Portal

      Collaboration Refined — Video Portal takes your project from conception to archive in one fluid system, using the editing tools you already own. A new social media-like collaboration tool to bridge the gulf between production and post-production.

      Pool your ideas

      You and your colleagues think up some ideas for the day’s stories, or the next project and start a conversation in the Video Portal (like Facebook or Twitter).


      Comment on each other’s ideas and add media or articles.


      The commissioning editor reviews the ideas and can commission them.


      The commissioning editor or head of production fills out the program details – resolution, program number, air date etc.

      Just Create

      The commissioned project becomes a Portfolio in FocalPoint Server, with resolutions and formats already defined. So you can click and edit starting with the template already in place.

      Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.28.38

      • Allows data importing from other databases.
      • Web browser based – check it out on your smart phone on the way into work.
      • Customisable interface – completely configurable to your workflow.
      • API links to open a Project in FocalPoint Server with all the data already submitted in Video Portal – open only commissioned Projects.

      Examples of portal uses

      BBC Sport uses Video Portal as a straightforward form for inputting data for new projects before appearing in focalpoint server. mezzanine formats, programme name and number, etc are ingested by a commissioning editor before the project begins. then editors can drag and drop anything onto the project in Focalpoint Server and it will automatically transcode to the preset definitions via Contentagent ftp.

       Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 12.13.53

      Customise the Portal as you like and create your own ‘newsroom’-type conversation, assessing each potential idea. the better ideas get commissioned by a commissioning editor. these ideas then appear as a new project in FocalPoint server, with everyone already clued up about the project.