• News FocalPoint announce the appointment of Blonde Robot

      FocalPoint Server and Blonde Robot have teamed up to develop and grow FocalPoint Server business in the South East Asia and Australian markets.

      As our new Distributor they will provide additional sales support, channel management and business development throughout the region. All business will be conducted through the Reseller Channel.

      They have a long history of providing representation and distribution for manufacturers in the South East Asian and Australian broadcast, TV and Film industries and fit perfectly into FocalPoint sales and marketing strategy.

      FocalPoint compliments Blond Robots existing product line and expertise.

      We look forward to working with their team and developing a successful relationship.


      About Focal Point Server:

      FocalPoint Server came out of the “fires “of the London Olympics 2012. Its task was to manage existing users and the extra 200 freelancers who were not familiar with company work practices.


      What is FocalPoint Server Software?

      Launch your graphics or editing application through our gateway/simple interface that allows users to collaborate in the Cloud, WAN or LAN, and find their files in three clicks. We track projects from ingest to archive, ensuring correct naming of projects, bins and their storage location. We set project preferences for each job, with version control. This filtering or traffic light approach to managing users increases workflow efficiency and collaboration. As the number of users and department’s increase, the importance of this approach grows exponentially. Remote working via the Cloud reduces the cost of hotel, space and associated expenses while ensuring flexible working and collaboration.



      Contact for FocalPoint Server:

      sales@focalpointserver.com   |   +44 (0)1173 700 963   |    www.focalpointserver.com


      Contact for Blonde Robot:

      sales@blonde-robot.com.au | (03) 90239777   |    www.blonde-robot.com.au