• Broadcast India 2014

      Broadcast India 2014

      IBC’s hottest development come to India.

      FocalPoint Server is the only product on the market that shares, names and manages FCPX Libraries.

      BBC News and hundreds of other big broadcasters are about to make the switch to the ever more popular FCPX, so now there is a lot of interest in the ultimate collaboration tool, FocalPoint Server. It saves creative professionals the 1 hour in every 10 they currently waste on file management.

      This is exactly what ITV4 needed when they did the Tour de France, and did not have! They had a very laborious and clumsy workaround. (http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/articles/1480-editing-the-tour-de-france-on-final-cut-pro-x)

      Have a look at www.focalpointserver.com/demo/about/fcpx

      This new announcement adds to our already strong recommendations;

      “FocalPoint Server solved a circuital workflow and productivity issue for us during one of our busiest and highest profile periods of broadcasting on record. It was reliable, easy to use and it did the job asked of it.” Chris Groom, Post Production Lead at BBC Sport, speaking about the busy sporting summer of 2012.

    • IBC 2014 – Whats new?

      At IBC this year we released;

      Final Cut Pro X Integration! – Share, Name and Manage Final Cut X Libraries

      Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 16.56.36

      Our brand new Archiving Interface

      Automatic back up

      Archiware partnership

      Upcoming work with Quantum Stornext, Cache-A and ASG Atempo

    • Brazil SET

      SET Expo was a successful show, and it was a pleasure for us to meet so many enthusiastic local companies. We look forward to meeting you again in the near future.

    • Broadcast Asia After Show Pictures

      Broadcast Asia 2014 was a success

      We had a great time meeting our resellers on our shared stand with CatDV.

    • Satis, Paris

      IMG_2152IMG_2174Thanks to our lovely french resellers, DID Technology, we had a fantastic stand and many excellent demonstrations with big firms in the Paris area.

    • NAB 2014

    • Cabsat 2014

    • InterBEE, Tokyo

      P1040891 Inter BEE was a big success with our Asia Reseller Elvin (elvin@focalpointserver.com), plenty of demos given out and plenty of interest in FocalPoint Server in a fresh market. We’ll see you next year!