• News FocalPoint Server to Attend NAB New York 2017 to Take the Pain Out of AS-11 Workflow Transition

      PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release
      Contact: Ken Bell
      Tel: +44 (0) 1173700963

      11th October 2017

      The FocalPoint Server team will be attending NAB New York on stand N834 with our partners Studio Network Solutions (SNS). FocalPoint Server is a unique Workflow Asset Management (WAM) software solution that deals with your projects from pre-production to archive.

      Media Asset Management (MAM) can’t keep up with a forever changing broadcast landscape, Workflow Asset Management (WAM) can. FocalPoint Server has already helped the BBC and is ready to come to the USA to help you deal with AS-11 deliverables, file syndication and EBUCore concepts. AS-11 production and its North American equivalents (AS-11 X8 for MPEG-2 or AS-11 X9 for AVC)… AS-11 workflow is growing and maturing – It can’t be ignored.

      Since 1st October 2017 UK broadcasters are no longer accepting delivery on videotape. It’s the natural next step three years after the DPP initiated its AS-11 file delivery specification. This is going to naturally transition to the USA.

      FocalPoint Server software is unique in that it deals with every step; from pre-production to archive. This rule-based system ensures you are compliant AS-11, without you even knowing it. Simply drag and drop your project to a folder and compliancy is dealt with.

      Earlier this year FocalPoint Server won an award from Innovate 2016 in recognition of their pioneering work in this field. This has enabled us to take our software solution to a different level and we are keen to demonstrate this at NAB New York.

      Already trusted by the BBC and Fox Sport, FocalPoint Server is bringing the solution to NAB New York to provide you with a solution before you run into a problem, leaving you and your team to do what your do best – Create great broadcast compliant content from anywhere in the world.

      If you are looking for workflow asset management a solution that deals with everything from pre-production to archive, come and see us on Stand N834 with our partners Studio Network Solutions (SNS).




      Further Information and notes to the Editor:

      About FocalPoint Server Software?

      Launch your graphics or editing application through our gateway/simple interface that allows users to collaborate in the Cloud, WAN or LAN, and find their files in three clicks. We track projects from ingest to archive, ensuring correct naming of projects, bins and their storage location. We set project preferences for each job, with version control. This filtering or traffic light approach to managing users increases workflow efficiency and collaboration. As the number of users and department’s increase, the importance of this approach grows exponentially. Remote working via the Cloud reduces the cost of hotel, space and associated expenses while ensuring flexible working and collaboration.

      About AS-11 and International Versions

      Through joint NABA (North American Broadcasters Association) and DPP meetings, 9 of the major North American broadcasters – ABC/Disney, Bell Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, Fox, HBO, NBCUniversal, PBS, TimeWarner and Turner – agreed a common file format, structure and wrapper, based on the AS-11 UK DPP specification. The outcome is two specifications, MPEG-2 and AVC, (published April 2016) for the delivery of finished air-ready programs for North America. This is the Generic NABA DPP HD (AVC) specification. Implementation will continue throughout 2017.

      Use of the AS-11 specification simplifies the process of creating and moving program material between post houses and playout companies – and the benefits are being recognized around the world. New specifications for the delivery of finished programs have been created for use in the Nordic countries, Australia and New Zealand, building on the success of the “AS-11 DPP” specifications for the UK. These new Specifications are closely aligned and based on the new rules based format.

      About NABA DPP AS-11 Specifications for North America
      The North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) and the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) have worked in partnership to develop two technical specifications for the delivery of air-ready HD television programs. These specifications are designed for use in Canada and the United States and require that program files must conform to either AS-11 X8 (MPEG-2) or AS-11 X9 (AVC).

      Rule Based Specifications
      Traditionally, AMWA specifications have been text based. While being easily human-readable, they do not support automated processes or allow the specification to be quickly and efficiently adapted for new users. This has led to the development of rules based, machine readable specifications. Building blocks, or rules for each of the video, audio (etc.) elements are combined into the final specification. Human-readable descriptions can automatically be generated from the machine versions, and these blocks can be re-used in other specifications. This new approach has proven especially valuable as AS-11 has been extended to accommodate the needs of new international users.

      A new approach is also being taken to the publication of AS-11 Specifications. Specifications are now being published on GitHub as “code” and move through different “maturity levels” from “Work In Progress”, to “Proposed Specification” to “Specification”.